Solary Odyssey, Inc.

Social Responsibility

You’re either part of the solution or part of the problem.
~Eldridge Cleaver

Solar Odyssey’s philosophy:  Social Responsibility is not an option.

When the Albas began working with customers, educating them about the benefits of solar solutions (both environmental and financial), they became aware that renewable energy is only part of the solution. While focusing on the business of designing and installing solar power and solar hot water systems, they began to realize that it is as much about energy conservation and carbon footprint reduction as it is about renewable energy. And, as stewards of the planet, they realized it was necessary to address the energy issue in a holistic way. So they developed an energy conservation workshop called “Stepping Up” that they offer as a public service.

The workshop is designed to be interactive — they begin with a brief explanation of carbon footprint, and then introduce concepts like Phantom Load and Locavore. During the workshop, they offer more than 15 conservation techniques to choose from — “baby steps” that anyone can take to reduce their impact on the environment, from compact fluorescent lighting to insulating water heaters to purchasing recycled paper products to composting. And they demonstrate how these steps actually translate to reducing the cost of living in the home! But, more importantly, they explain why and how taking these steps have a positive impact on the environment. Their primary goal is to show that every small step taken is important and that it is the accumulation of all our small steps that will make a difference.

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