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Solary Odyssey, Inc.




~ Changing the world, one roof at a time ~


Northern Virginia’s Premier Solar Installation Company

~ Changing the world, one roof at a time ~

Solar Odyssey - your turnkey solar power installation company specializing in residential and commercial solar power system design and installation – is based in Purcellville, Virginia.

There are so many great reasons to consider investing in solar power for your home!  Installing solar:

  • increases the value of your home
  • saves you money every day, and
  • reduces your dependence on fossil fuels

Making the switch to renewable solar energy for your home not only gives you immediate energy savings, it offers you protection against utility rate increases. Utility rates are projected to rise at a rate of 3-5% per year, making Solar Power your insurance against the rising cost of electricity over time.

Call us at (540) 338-8906 to get started going green!

Solar Panel Installation

Thanks to federal programs, you can save 30% of the cost when you install solar panels to provide power for your home. Solar Odyssey, Inc. designs, installs, and maintains solar PV systems, allowing you to power your home by harnessing the most plentiful natural resource – the sun.



Energy Workshops

As stewards of the planet, we are compelled to look at the energy issue in a holistic way. What does that mean? Our commitment is not limited to selling alternative energy solutions, but also addresses the issues of home energy conservation and carbon footprint reduction.  As part of Solar Odyssey’s commitment to helping you conserve energy, we have developed an energy workshop that we offer as a public service.  In the workshop, we utilize our expertise to help you understand exactly what energy conservation can mean for you and your property.  Through the workshop, we hope to help as many people as we can understand the issues and implement conservation techniques. E-mail us for more information.

E-mail us today for a free estimate – because saving money and going green just makes sense!

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